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Spring Events in Anchorage you won’t want to miss

Alyeska Slush Cup spring event

  The Iditarod has come and gone which means spring/summer is right around the corner. Don’t let that send you into hibernation until the snow melts, there are plenty of fun activities to keep you out and about until summer begins.   Spring Carnival  Even with summer on the horizon there are still some fun […]

Sled Dogs – Born to Run

Dog sled team in winter race

Alaska is home to the world’s most celebrated dog sledding races in the world. The Yukon Quest and Iditarod are ubiquitous in the sport, and having either title will make you a local superstar. The Yukon Quest runs the 1,000 miles between Fairbanks and Whitehorse, with temperatures often dipping to -50f. While the people that […]

Fur Rondy – Alaska’s cure for the Winter Blues

Fur Rondy Snow Sculpture

With snow piled high and nights starting early and ending late, winter is in full swing in Alaska. The cold can be unforgiving, and often drives us inside. Luckily, this is not a problem that is new this year or last. Residents of Anchorage have a variety of cures for the winter blues, and the […]

Now is the time to Ski in Alaska.

skier in deep snow on a sunny day

It’s January in Alaska and over the past few winters that has meant freezing rain and icy roads, but not this winter. This January we have been blessed with some delightful snow fall. Some may say it is too much, but for the inner adventurer in all of us, this means it’s time to hit […]

Are There Really 50 Words for Snow?

Falling snow in Alaska

Year round, Alaska’s winters inspire curiosity from visitors. It’s frequent that I’m asked how often it snows, or how much snow I’ve seen at once. Alaska is a winter paradise for winter activities, like skiing, snowshoeing and dog mushing. It’s no wonder then that when a friend told that the Alaskan Yup’ik language had over […]

Top 5 Bars in Anchorage

enjoying a cold beer at an Anchorage bar

Currently in Anchorage the temperature is averaging about 22F which is below freezing, so staying outside isn’t really a very liable option. When it’s this cold outside why not head inside for a nice cold one? Out of all the bars in Anchorage I have narrowed them down to what I believe to be the […]

Sledding – Lighthearted Winter Fun

Two cute kids riding a sled and having fun

For skiers and snowboarders, Alaska can be exotic, exciting and enticing. Our beloved Alyeska Resort in Girdwood offers world-class slopes and has hosted the US Alpine Championships twice in the last decade. Locals enjoy local hills situated throughout town, and even groomed trails for cross country skiing. Skiing and snowboarding are part of the culture […]

Bears, Bears and more Bears!

Grizzly bear on Kodiak Island in Alaska

One of the many things that makes Alaska so special is that all three bear species from North America live here: Brown bears (or Grizzly), Black bears and Polar bears.  Bears are highly evolved social creatures. They are also extremely intelligent. “The intelligence of this animal never fails to amaze me. I observed and photographed […]

A quick adventure around Lake Hood

Segway Tours on Lake Hood

Sometimes you find yourself with an extra day of vacation, left without plans for the last portion of your trip before you fly out of the airport. While some may see this as a blessing, others seek to find that one last Alaskan adventure before they depart.  If you are in the Puffin Inn’s neck […]

Best places to see bears in Anchorage

Brown Bears in Alaska

Looking for Smokey
We have a lot of bears up here. In fact, Alaska contains about 70% of all bears in North America. Naturally, people who visit our great state want to see one so they can go home and tell their friends, “Hey, we went to Alaska and saw a bear!” After all, if you go to Arizona, you’d expect to see cactus, right? Well…not so fast.